The world is no longer what it used to be decades ago. The world has changed and many things about it has also changed. Like the popular saying goes, change is the only constant thing. As the world is changing the people who live in it are also changing. A lot has changed in the people's mood of dressing. We no longer dress the way we did some fifty (500 years back. Customs and traditions of the people have also experienced changes. The people have also changed in their religious, political, spiritual and social life. One of the most pronounced changes is the change we experienced with the inventions of machines. The inventions of machine has made the way we work, relate with our environment and also, interact with one another change drastically. The development in technology has advanced through the years and have been of immense benefit to us. With every new invention, we are able to change the way we do one thing and these in turn is making life better for human beings. The invention of machines has made life easier.

One of the aspect of the human life that has changed as a result of the development in technology is the laundry aspect. The development in technology has changed the way people wash their clothes all over the world. The invention of washing machine has benefited so many people around the world, especially there women. The washing machine has been of immense benefit and has been a very important and unarguably a very necessary invention as people are still benefitting from it and will continue to. Washing machine has made easy for people what used to be a very hard and dreaded work that a lot of people tried to avoid and made it significantly less tedious, less tiring and less dreadful by the advance in features and functions. Laundry is one thing that takes people's time. Many people spend hours on end doing laundry. Over time, this technology has developed and has developed a new feature in the machine that is another important step in laundry after washing and cleaning clothes. This new feature is drying.

They have to pick each piece of cloth to wash individually. But with the introduction of washing machine. This process and task has been made easier. One can wash many piece of cloth in just one load. Asides from the time spent washing each piece of cloth, people spend an awful long time washing dried in stains from fabrics, especially heavy ones. The use of hot and cold water in these machines has made washing out stubborn, dried in stains easy to wash away. This means less effort and more result. The introduction of this fast, efficient and time saving machine has helped save time and given women more time to spend doing other things. The machine has made the work of women easier and given them the opportunity to do more things during the day. Unlike before when our women had lesser time to spend with their family due to excess time spent doing laundry and other chores and we have less powerful with a working career, we now have women who spend more time with their family and spend more time on their career.

How Important Is The Washing Machine

We have different family size and every family has its own way of doing things. The wash load of a family differs from the work load of another family. For example, a family with more children between the ages of 0 and 10 will have more wash load than a family with just two children between the ages of 15-20. The manufacturers of washing machines then has given every family the option of buying the one that best meets the family's cleaning system requirement. Because each family has different cleaning system requirements based on several factors, they can pick the option that suits their specific need and budget. The budget of the family is another important factor the manufacturers have put into consideration.

They have manufactured different sizes and different levels of washing machine to afford the low income earning families to be able to get this must-own appliance. Another thing that gave people problem when it comes to the issues of laundry is weather. People find it annoying to do laundry when the weather is damp and the sun is not out. This used to give people headaches and dictates when one can actually wash, the time which might not be convenient. Thus new feature has addressed the problem of washing clothes during bad weather. The ability to wash and dry almost instantly has given mothers an edge and for mothers in need of freshly washed clothes, like nursing mothers, are able to wash and dry and use almost instantly. This has made their work a lot easier and comfortable with a lot of advantages.

The washing machine is not just designed to wash, clean and dry. It has other important features that are of benefit to we human beings' health. They are designed to minimize the bacteria build up in clothes. This has made them more effective and important than ever to us.

When we wash with our hand, the same water is used and bacteria are released into the water and these bacteria build up are clinching to fabrics from other clothes we dip into the water. This is not healthy for us and especially for nursing mothers, it is dangerous to the health of the new born.

But thankfully, the ability to use heat of about 30 degrees when washing a load of dirty clothes eliminates a lot of bacteria that would have built up if the washing process had been done by hand.

This invention has given our women the opportunity to showcase their potential asides the laundry work and has paved way for a more decent, less stressful and well paid work which has improved the conditions of many families because the family now has multiple source of income.


The mothers now have more time to spend with the family and the children and this has greatly helped in monitoring the children. The mothers have more time to really know their children and be there for them when they really need it.

The invention of washing machine has made the act of laundry not forgotten but rather, better appreciated and well improved. It has also given other members of the family the chance to do laundry for the whole family without fear of it not been properly done.

Now, it is not far-fetched to find the reason n more women are joining the workforce and still be successful being mothers and wives. The invention of washing machine has made this possible visit for more information.



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